Birthdays & Anniversaries

Birthday celebrations, especially those milestone birthday’s, can require that special centerpiece, and that’s where Priscilla’s Cakes can help.

Perhaps you already have something in mind, or need a little help, I’m happy to offer suggestions.
Whether you want to coordinate your centerpiece with a theme, colour palette or style almost anything is possible
And there’s no rule saying you can’t use dummy tiers for these if you’re wanting something that’s a decent size but you don’t require too much cake!
Priscilla’s Cakes can also arrange a cake topper, if one is required, but of course if this is something you prefer to arrange, that’s fine too!

Cake Flavours & Fillings

My list of cake flavours are divided into 2 categories. 
The one being my standard flavours, which are included when quoting, the other being my premium flavours which will increase the quote. The amount is dependent of your cake size.
My fillings are chosen carefully, both for taste to compliment your cake flavour of choice and to withstand our Australian climate, therefore ensuring your cake will not require refrigeration and can be displayed and enjoyed at your event.

Standard Flavours

Vanilla Bean
Red Velvet
White Chocolate
Caramel Sundae mud
Moist Chocolate mud
White Chocolate with Raspberry Swirl
Caramel & Chocolate swirl


White chocolate ganache
White Chocolate truffle
Caramel ganache
Dark chocolate ganache
Milk chocolate ganache
Vanilla buttercream
Chocolate buttercream
Lemon buttercream
Cookies & Cream buttercream
Choc-mint buttercream
More than one flavour will attract an additional surcharge

Frequently Asked Questions

This depends on the season. Wedding season and sacrament season tend to get booked months in advance (August - March)

For all other months, I would recommend to make your enquires from 4-6 weeks in advance.
On the odd occasion I might be able to take on an order within 2 weeks notice depending on the amount of work involved in your chosen design.

Yes. These are come at an additional cost, which is dependant on the design.
I usually do like to provide a few candles as these can sometimes be forgotten on the day.

These cakes are usually fine for you to collect. Please drive carefully and drive them straight to the venue or your home. Do not leave them in the car for an unnecessary extended amount of time.

Only under special circumstances, I will offer delivery at an additional price

This depends on the finish of your cake and the weather. Buttercream finish cakes usually do, only for transportation reasons. And if the weather is extremely hot, and you have fresh flowers, then to prevent the flowers from wilting, the cake might need refrigeration. However there are other factors I need to consider - whether other decorations on your cake will create the condensation to make colours bleed.

I purposely use non perishable fillings for all my cakes. Therefore, this is assessed on a case by case basis.

The starting price for a cake is $150.

"My passion for creativity lead me to Cakes."

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